The modern communication tool for medics.

Focus on what matters: patient care

What is your time worth?

Your time is precious, but you don't have enough of it.  Medixus is  a modern, secure medic to medic communication app that frees you up to focus on patient care.


  • Your case discussions in one place
  • Easily keep track of discussions
  • Handover your patients seamlessly
  • Real time responses
  • Broaden  your presence in the medical community
  • Clinical mentorship from global network

Grow your professional support network

Medics need support too. Through Medixus you can grow your peer network beyond the limits of your setting - accessing mentors across the globe.


Improve patient care

Simplify some of the most complicated parts of your job - from patient handover to peer diagnostic support. Make sure you are always up to speed on both your patients and the latest best practice all at your finger tips, letting you focus on delivering high quality patient care


  • Share knowledge
  • Collaborate with peers in real time
  • Make improved clinical decisions

Senior Obs & Gynae Consultant, Kisumu

"A really fantastic tool to share information and exchange ideas and knowledge."

Ministry of Health Clinician, Nairobi

"It is definitely a good platform for networking, with good clinical cases and will continue to improve as the following grows. "

Medical Officer, Nairobi

“Our WhatsApp group is limited to classmates only. Something like Medixus gives you access to more specialist doctors”

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We care about patient privacy

We take patient privacy seriously. We've designed Medixus with patient safety at it's core.

Your data will always be safe and secure with our security and encryption  systems.

GDPR compliant
Regular backups
In built protection
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