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Unlocking the power of physician-centred recruitment.

Medixus provides a smarter, more efficient way to enroll patients, and to manage your recruitment process online.

Patient recruitment is broken. It is costly with a poor conversion rate.

Leverage 3,000 + healthcare professionals for targeted, appropriate patient recruitment

Our engaged and exclusive community of healthcare professionals provides a unique advantage for pharmaceuticals and CROs to directly access a diverse patient population. These participants are pre-vetted by their trusted physicians, with only the most qualified referred for on-site screening.

Get a dedicated platform to manage your trial recruitment

Our innovative and easy-to-use platform not only streamlines the recruitment process (saving you time and money), but also enables you to manage your trial recruitment remotely.

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Discover the benefits of Medixus Research tool 

Say goodbye to slow recruitment

Using Medixus Research, a community of 3,000 support your recruitment efforts.

No more low turn out, and high
ineligibility rates.

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