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Diagnosis and management of NTDs


Free CME


40 mins


About the Course

This course covers up-to-date guidelines and best practices for the diagnosis and management of Leishmaniasis

Your Instructor

Charles Gitonga Magiri

Charles Gitonga Magiri is a technical consultant at FIND, where he works on the diagnosis and case management of Visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-azar) in Kenya. He previously worked at KEMRI for 37 years as a Medical laboratory technologist in charge of the Centre for Clinical Research.

He has specialized in Immunology, and is responsible for training health workers in 11 Counties endemic with Visceral leishmaniasis. Some of his achievements include the validation of VL diagnostic kits for WHO, development of monoclonal antibodies against leishmaniasis, and surveillance of Rickettsia infections to identify hotspots in Kenya.

His passion is the quality diagnosis and management of disease to alleviate suffering and stop the transmission of pathogens.

Charles Gitonga Magiri
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