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Role of Nutrition in preventing and managing cardiovascular diseases


Free CME


40 mins


About the Course

This lecture on the role of nutrition in cardiovascular diseases, covers topics including the effect of dietary fatty acids on plasma LDL cholesterol levels, the relationship between potassium and hypertension, the impact of fat-soluble vitamins on cardiovascular disease risk and severity, and blood pressure and lipid level goals for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in adults with diabetes.

It also covers the definition of overweight, modifiable cardiovascular disease risk factors, and the impact of obesity on the development of non-communicable diseases. The effects of fruit and vegetable intake and the antioxidants vitamin E and beta-carotene on the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Your Instructor

Bianca Kunyita, RDN

Bianca Kunyita, RDN is the founder and Head nutritionist of Beelife Health and Nutrition. She is currently also working at AAR Healthcare and Advent Medical as a Nutrition Specialist

Bianca Kunyita, RDN
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