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The modern solution for modern healthcare facilities

We built Medixus side by side with medics who are tired of the ineffective, old fashioned communication tools available.


We built Medixus side by side with organisation executives who want to invest in their team and their patients, meaningfully and effectively.

We built Medixus for you.

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Improve your clinical outcomes

Empower your team to handover seamlessly and discuss complicated cases with a global network of experts. Through Medixus they can improve clinical decision making at source - through knowledge sharing and building capacity through problem based learning.

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Increase staff retention

Did you realise one of the most cited reasons medics leave the continent (and therefore your facilities) is lack of professional support and mentorship

Eliminate the professional isolation by providing your team 24/7 access to a global network of mentors and peers. Show them you are investing in them, and they'll continue to invest in you.


Deliver training with ease

You want your team to have access to the latest guidelines, research and best practice, but you're not sure how to get it to them fast and with minimal admin on your part? Medixus empowers you to do just that.

Your medical team are able to access your training material on the go, or at their desk through the platform.

Monitor and evaluate 

Data at your fingertips about how the platform is being adopted internally as well as insights into which clinical areas your team could use more support or training in. Invest in your clinicians by providing them with custom, tailored support when they need it.

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Getting started with Medixus Enterprise

Our system is easy to use so implementation is a breeze - the first step? Let's have a  conversation.

We'll set up a call to understand  your needs and organisation then tell you how we can take the next step towards transforming the workflow of your clinical teams.

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