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Turbocharge your medical association and provide income opportunities for your members.

Utilise our range of features that enhance the skills of your association members, promotes secure collaboration and capture all your CPD activities in our online repository for posterity. Ensure your members can access learning content and each other at any time.

An additional member benefit, without limits.

Deliver remote learning materials, expand your membership reach and provide clinical research opportunities.

Support your members by giving them access to our growing community of over 3,000 healthcare professionals - making it easier for them to connect with the right experts in your field.


Provide professional growth and income generating opportunities through our platform which gives your members opportunities to participate clinical research. 

CPD delivery and tracking doesn't need to be a chore.

Medixus is a leading clinical education platform that makes it simple for you to administer, track engagement and assign points to your members. 

We'll even provide you useful dashboards and data to help you optimise the CPD materials you offer.

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Discover the benefits of Medixus Associations offer 

Delivering professional development shouldn't be so hard.

Our platform radically simplifies the entire administration of CPD activities - allowing you to maximise your time and resources. 

With a range of features designed to ensure members can access your learning content, remotely, at any time.

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