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Medixus: A statement on COVID-19

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As part of the medical community in Kenya, and the broader global community, you - like us - have surely been closely monitoring the situation. Wondering what this rapidly changing picture means for you, your team and your patients.

We have noticed a lot of misinformation, false truths and panic buried in among ‘good’ information, truths and lessons learned. Combining that with the sheer volume and pace at which information is flying around - it’s hard to keep up.

At Medixus we have decided - starting today - to post daily (sometimes twice daily) fact based updates on COVID-19 for clinicians. It will be a place for you to securely, professionally discuss, debate, ask questions and share your insights without the usual social media noise. Some of this content will be posted on our website, with further discussion and detail in-app.

We encourage you to start sharing your learnings so we can also generate context specific knowledge, as we all seek to learn more about COVID-19. We have collated information from some of the worst affected regions and the broader global community to present to you, in bitesize chunks, information about the epidemiology, imaging, how to protect yourself, pathology and so on.

Log in daily for the latest updates. Let’s be kind, let’s collaborate and let’s be vigilant in what we consume.

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