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Optimizing Patient Recruitment with the Medixus App

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

At Medixus, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation, the Medixus Clinical Research Portal, designed to empower healthcare professionals and drive advancements in medical research. This revolutionary tool seamlessly integrates into our app, aiming to streamline the entire clinical trial process, addressing challenges in data management, collaboration, and patient engagement.

The Research Portal revolutionizes clinical trials with its real-time data insights, efficient data management, seamless team communication, and remote patient population engagement. Researchers can now make data-driven decisions promptly, ensuring high-quality data and accurate results for successful outcomes. The tool's streamlined approach enhances collaboration among trial teams and expedites the recruitment process.

Already in use for an ongoing study, the Medixus Clinical Trial Tool is beginning to demonstrate remarkable improvements in patient recruitment and enrollment efficiency through decentralized recruitment, leveraging the 3,000+ Medixus community of medics. This emerging success has paved the way for future collaborations with more Clinical Research Organizations, further empowering thousands of healthcare professionals.

Case Study: Optimizing Patient Recruitment with the Medixus App

Client: ABC (Confidential)

Industry: Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

Background: ABC, a leading CRO, faced challenges in patient recruitment, causing delays and increased costs. They sought a solution and partnered with Medixus to implement the Medixus App.


· Streamline patient recruitment process

· Improve patient enrollment efficiency

· Enhance overall trial outcomes


Medixus and ABC collaborated to implement the Medixus Clinical Research Portal. The user-friendly interface allowed healthcare professionals to easily refer eligible patients to the trials, and automatically see the percentage eligibility of their referral. Through the admin portal, researchers are able to leverage the platform's real-time data insights and initial screening to make informed decisions, swiftly.


The Medixus Clinicial Research Portal transformed patient recruitment by tapping into a more diverse patient population, and leveraging remote pre-screened referrals, praised for its efficiency and resource-saving capabilities. Researchers benefited from real-time data insights, accelerating patient recruitment and increasing the likelihood of successful downstream trial participation. Ongoing feedback and iterative improvements contributed to a successful partnership.


  • Accelerated patient recruitment process

  • Increased diversity of patient referrals

  • Reduced delays and associated costs

  • Reduced speed to assess referrals by leveraging machine learning automated pre-screening

The strategic partnership between Medixus and ABC successfully contributed to optimizing and diversifying patient recruitment, reducing costs, and enhancing trial outcomes. By ABC leaning into the use of digital tools to support with their trial recruitment, they solidified their position as innovative, thought leaders in the clinical research space. The Medixus Clinical Research Tool represents a significant step forward in the use of digital tools to support medical research and empowers healthcare professionals to drive advancements in patient care.

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